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Healthy, Good Diet Foods Women Should Eat

Women nowadays have more motivation to eat healthily instead of using diet pills. However, finding good diet foods can be a struggle. Many products advertise themselves as diet foods, but marketing language may disguise less healthy aspects of the ingredients. Elizabeth Somer, nutritionist and author of Age-proof Your Body, said that women need to eat proper healthy foods, not “exotic superfoods” that are parts of advertisements.

When you are trying to lose weight, there are several healthy diet foods that you can introduce to daily meals. Make sure to control the portions when eating them.

Good Diet Foods for Main Meals

good diet foods

Plan your main meals carefully to eat recommended nutrition without excessive calories. Here are several good examples:

1. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish, such as salmon and mackerel, contain nutrition that protects cell membranes. Omega 3 can reduce the risk of neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer. Fish also contains high protein level, perfect to keep you energized when trying to lose weight.

2. Egg

Eating the whole egg gives more energy and “fuller” belly. Egg’s cholesterol is not enough to cause harm, so having a full egg is a good choice. Egg also contains high protein, making it perfect as one of the ideal good diet foods for the main meal.

3. Crunchy and Green Vegetables (Combined)

Crunchy vegetables contain fiber and some protein. The crunchy texture makes them more fulfilling. Green leafy vegetables are higher in folate, mineral, and antioxidants. Recommended vegetables are carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, kale, and collards.

4. Whole Grains

Whole grains provide carbohydrate, fiber, and vitamin B. Typical products include brown rice, oats, and whole wheat bread. Some products may be advertised as “whole grains” despite being more similar to refined grains. Check the labels before buying.

5. Lean Meat

Lean meat, such as skinless chicken breast and lean beef, have a high level of protein, iron, and vitamin B12 (for beef). They make you more satiated and keep you energized.

These foods help you to create easy but delicious diet food recipes. Even when trying to lose weight, you can still enjoy satisfying and healthy foods.

Good Diet Foods for Snacks

good diet foods

Healthy snacks are recommended for women who are trying to lose weight. The right foods can satisfy the belly between mealtimes and provide additional nutrition. Here are several good snacks for diet.

1. Fresh Fruits

Eating fruits in their original forms help women reducing sugar intake. Apple, pear, papaya, cantaloupe, and mixed berries are fresh but fulfilling. Squirt some lemon or lime onto them for a zestier taste.

2. Soup

Eating a small bowl of vegetable soup between meals is fulfilling and comforting. Warm soup with clear broth and vegetables like carrot, tomato, and broccoli can prevent junk food craving.

3. Full-fat Yogurt

Full-fat yogurt is a better snack option for a long-term diet. Yogurt with good culture can reduce leptin resistance and inflammation, making your digestive system healthier. Full-fat yogurt also contains calcium and vitamin D, ideal for women.

Nuts are hailed as good diet foods for snacks since they are fulfilling and containing high protein. However, since they can be addictive, women should limit nut consumption to prevent calorie spike.

Tips to Eat Healthy Diet Foods

good diet foods

Healthy foods are not just about the types, but also cooking methods. Unhealthy cooking methods will add extra calories, sugar, and saturated fat. Try these cooking methods to avoid turning diet foods into unhealthy ones:

  • Skip too much frying

When you can, cook foods using methods like boiling, steaming, searing, or roasting. If you need to use oil, use olive or canola oil. These methods help to reduce excessive saturated fat.

  • Add spices, cut salt and sugar

Excessive salt and sugar will mess with blood sugar level, blood pressure, and other important body functions. If you want to flavor foods, play with spices such as pepper or cinnamon, and cut back refined sugar and salt.

  • Limit cream and coconut milk

When making soup, use water as the broth base. Cream or coconut milk may make it thicker and more satisfying, but it also contributes to saturated fat intake.

  • Cut small but significant calorie and sugar sources

There are things that we don’t realize contribute to extra calorie or sugar. Mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and sugary iced tea or coffee ruin healthy diets. Replace condiments with citrus zest, pepper, or homemade salsa, and have water or unsweetened tea/coffee for a beverage.

Another important thing is portion intake. When eating a complete meal, use this basic formula: one serving of whole grain, three servings of veggies, and two servings of protein. End the meal with a ½ cup of fresh fruit slices.


Eating healthy foods in a balanced portion is key for women to lose weight. The foods must be cooked with the right methods to keep their healthy qualities. Consuming the right amount of good diet foods will create long-term result in a weight loss program. Women can look and feel fit without turning to fad diets.

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