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9 Tips to Make Your Great American Cookies Still Fresh

With more than 290 stores spread across the U.S, Great American Cookies is one of the promising franchise companies. It was established in 1977 and known for its cookie cakes. If you are a loyal customer of this franchise brand, here are tips to keep your favorite cake fresh as long as possible.

1. Using the right container

great american cookies

In order for cookies to be longer and free of mold, special techniques are needed to store them. And this is one of the best ways to make your Great American Cookies fresh longer. Firstly, separate the cakes by its type.

Cookies can be divided into two groups: soft and crunchy texture. Therefore, you must store the cookies in a separate container.

It is highly recommended to use airtight glass jars to store crunchy-textured cookies like the Great American Cookies original chocolate. While for soft-textured cookies such as Great American Cookies double doozie, you can use plastic containers.

2. Make sure that the cake container is clean

great american cookies

Make sure that your cake container is clean and free from the rest of the old cookies. It would be better if you wash it first until the container is completely clean, and then dry it with a cloth. Please, ensure that before you use the container, it is completely dry. By doing so, your Great American Cookies product will surely last longer.


3. Maintain the temperature in your cookie container

great american cookies

It is important to maintain the temperature in your Great American Cookies container. You can add some silica gel, which is usually sold in the grocery store. Or, you can make your own natural preservative from salt.

This hack is so easy, and you just have to provide 2 teaspoons of salt. Then wrap the salt with tissue paper or a clean cloth. Place this natural preservative in your container then.

With this simple hack, the temperature in your cookie container will remain dry. Additionally, it is best to put the cookie container in a cool place. Also, keep the container away from direct exposure to sunlight.


4. Store it in the fridge

great american cookies

If you plan to eat your Great American Cookies – just for the crunchy texture – in the next 3 months, it would be better to store it in the freezer. Before doing so, make sure that the cookie container is specifically used in the freezer. Also, check whether the container has been completely closed or not. Thus, your cookie taste may not change, or its aroma does not mix with other foods.


5. Use baking paper

great american cookies

If you want your Great American Cookies to last longer, you should not directly stack them. When storing them in a container, separate the stack of cookies with baking paper. That way, the surface of each cookie is not directly in contact.

6. Always use handbag

great american cookies

Great American Cookies cake is one of the foods that are easily moldy. That is why some cake may be immediately discarded, if it does not run out in a day. However, there are many hacks to store your cakes, so it can last longer. One of them is by not directly touching it with your bare hands. We strongly recommend that you use a handbag when in contact with the cake so that bacteria do not move to your food.

7. Do not leave the cake open for too long

great american cookies

When you just bought some Great American Cookies cake and eat it at home, you may forget to put it back in the container. Better still, do not let the cake open without its packaging for too long. If that happens, the cake surface will dry out and its color will change. Sure, this condition can make your cake experience changes in taste and aroma.

8. Wrap it with Aluminum Foil

great american cookies

The next method is to wrap your cookie cake with aluminum foil. After that, save the cake in the fridge. With this method, your Great American Cookies cake can last for 1 week. Then, if you want to eat this, remove the cake from the fridge and leave it at room temperature for about 1 hour or more. Later, bake the cake again for 3 minutes in the oven.

9. Avoid exposure to the sun

great american cookies

Cookie cake is really sensitive to damp air and sun exposure. So, if you cannot keep it in the cake container right away, simply put your Great American Cookies cake in a cool place and protect it from the sunlight. Therefore, the risk of moldy cakes will decrease.

By applying the methods above, your Great American Cookies product will surely last longer and not easily mold. Even so, you still have to determine the time period for each food you store. Just because the food has been stored in the fridge, it does not mean this can last for a very long time.

Besides, before eating cookies or cake stored in the fridge, you should check their condition first. Is there a change in the surface of the cake? Did you find a strange taste in the cake? If you find something unusual on the cake, then you should not eat it.

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