oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal Cookies from Instant Oatmeal

Have tons of instant oatmeal at home? Try making oatmeal cookies. These cookies are light, satisfying, and delicious. They don’t consist of a thousand ingredients, and you can mix almost any desserts ingredients into the dough. Some recipes even consist of no-bake cookies and vegan cookies. You can use any instant oatmeal to make oatmeal …

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No Bake Cookies

No Bake Cookies (Chocolate-flavored)

Homemade cookies are simple sources of happiness, but many people cannot bake cookies at home for various reasons. Luckily, no bake cookies exist, and they are equally delicious. Using simple ingredients and shorter instructions, these cookies satisfy your craving without the need for an oven. If they sound boring, try adding chocolate to the ingredients. …

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Sugar Cookie Recipe

Kid-friendly Sugar Cookie Recipe

Sugar cookies are favorite recipes for families. The sugar cookie recipe is simple, versatile, and easy to work on. You can recreate it with kids, introducing them to the world of baking in a fun way. Children can also experiment with the cookies, decorating them with various colors and treats as they prefer. Sugar Cookie …

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Peanut Butter Cookies

Classic Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter is a versatile ingredient perfect for various recipes. Peanut butter cookies are classic treats with a perfect combination between crunchy, soft, and slightly-chewy texture (if baked right). Classic peanut butter cookie recipes are ideal for snacks, holiday parties, or kid’s baking projects. Why Making Peanut Butter Cookies? Peanut butter cookies are more than …

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bakery-style Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

When you are binge-watching Netflix movies after midnight, chocolate chip cookies may be your best friends. Despite looking like simple treats, these cookies are quite hard to perfect. How many times have you felt disappointment because of dry texture or bland flavor? This is not to mention the lack of actual chocolate some store-bought cookies …

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good diet foods

Healthy, Good Diet Foods Women Should Eat

Women nowadays have more motivation to eat healthily instead of using diet pills. However, finding good diet foods can be a struggle. Many products advertise themselves as diet foods, but marketing language may disguise less healthy aspects of the ingredients. Elizabeth Somer, nutritionist and author of Age-proof Your Body, said that women need to eat …

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