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3-Day Military Diet for Weight Loss: 7 Benefits and How it Works

The military diet, also known as the 3-day military diet, is getting popular worldwide. This diet plan is claimed to enable you to lose weight about 10 pounds in a week. The diet consists of a 3-day meal plan with 4 days of regular eating. You can repeat this weekly cycle until you reach weight goals.

What is Military Diet?

military diet

The military diet is the type of diet that cycles for 3 days and is off for 4 days. During the 3-day diet, you are allowed to consume certain menus with about 1,100 calories to 1,400 calories and 1,500 calories menus for 4 “off” days. It’s claimed that those who undergo military diet may lose weight up to 10 pounds in a week. The combination of specific diet meals burns fat and boosts metabolism.

What to Eat?

military diet

Before undergoing this military diet, pay attention carefully to the food you are allowed to eat. You should choose the food you will consume carefully to get the maximum results. It is important to know whether the suggested diet meals will harm you or not. If it might be harmful for your body, you can change to other foods.

The food you consume should contain 1,100 to 1,400 calories with an appropriate balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The combination of coffee, grapefruit, and apple will help to boost metabolism, push the liver into fat-burning mode, and prevent the cells from absorbing the fat. You also need to consume high protein foods such as peanut, butter, and eggs.

What are Advantages of Going on a Military Diet?

military diet

Many experts claim that the military diet may gain some health benefits.

1. Losing weight

The main purpose of a diet is to lose weight. Undergoing this military diet may shed 10 pounds in a week or 30 pounds in a month. You can do the cycle until you reach the weight goal you set.

2. Boosting the metabolism

This 3-day diet promotes eating high protein foods, high in calcium, and high fiber so that you can boost your metabolism and burn the calories.

3. Lowering the risk of developing diabetes

High fiber and high protein approach from this 3-day military diet will keep your body from producing overmuch amount of insulin. Your body will detox the sugar you get from sweet foods you consume.

4. Reducing cravings

One of the advantages of doing this military diet is to reduce craving. Before you are able to endure your desire to eat unhealthy food, you need to adjust to the diet cycle. Once you get accustomed to this diet cycle, you can stick to the diet and overcome the food cravings.

5. Improving glucose tolerance

One of the advantages of the military diet is to improve glucose tolerance. The macronutrients from the diet plan will help your body to improve both blood glucose levels and cholesterol.

6. Boosting the immune system

The cycle system from this military diet can induce the process of the regeneration of the immune system. Just a few days of undergoing this diet, where the calories intake is lower than 1,100 calories, can boost the immune system.

7. Increasing motivation

It is quite difficult to commit to a diet plan. Once you pass the phase of the first 3-day, your spirit is on fire. You will stay motivated to undergo the diet and achieve the ideal weight.

How it Works

military diet

If you plan to lose weight by trying this 3-day military diet, make sure you know how this diet works. The first 3 days of the week, you must eat a set of low-calorie diet plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You are not allowed to eat snacks between meals. The remaining 4 days, you need to eat healthy food and keep the calorie intake low. Here are the diet plans for 3-days.

Day 1 (1,400 calories intake)

  • Breakfast

Tea or black coffee, one slice of toast with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and half of a grapefruit.

  • Lunch

A half cup of tuna, one slice of toast or bread, and black coffee or tea.

  • Dinner 

One cup of green beans, one small apple, 3 ounces of meat, one cup of green beans, half of a banana, and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream.


Day Two (1,200 calories intake)

  • Breakfast

One cooked egg, one slice of toast, and half of a banana.

  • Lunch

One hard-boiled egg, 1 cup of cottage cheese, and five saltine crackers.

  • Dinner

Two hot dogs, half of a banana, 1 cup of broccoli, and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream.


Day Three (1,100 calories intake)

  • Breakfast

One small apple, one slice of cheddar, and five saltine crackers.

  • Lunch

One slice of toast or bread and one cooked egg.

  • Dinner

Half of a banana, 1 cup of tuna, and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream.


In conclusion, it is indeed challenging to go on a military diet. Before you decide to go on this diet style, learn about this diet, what to eat, the advantages, and disadvantages, and how this diet works. It is important to know the detailed information so that you can set the weight goal you want and help you to commit going on the diet.

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