Foods to Help Lose Weight

4 Recipes Based on Foods to Help Lose Weight

Most foods that may help to lose weight are fruits and vegetables which contain nutrients needed by our body — however, not all of the people like fruits especially vegetables. Most people prefer junk foods for its richness flavor, and they find vegetables plain and insatiable. People prefer ice tea with added sugar which is not good for diet program rather than drink water that they find it ‘have no taste.’

Based on that problem, many nutritionists develop recipes from the combination of foods that may burn fat so that people who do not like plain fruits and vegetables want to eat it. Foods mixed from two or more healthy foods can also be better than one as they have different nutrients working together. In one meal, it gets rid of hunger, feels full longer, and burn fat or some calories better than we eat them solo.

Here are 4 fat burn recipes that you can make easily and fast.

1. Banana and Almond Butter Toast from Beth Lipton

Foods to Help Lose Weight

As a health director, Beth Lipton suggested a combination of bananas and almond butter is a perfect nutrition-packed for your breakfast, or as an afternoon snack. Bananas contain full of resistant starch to give us energy, while almond butter contains healthy monounsaturated fat which is good for our heart.

All you need are banana, bread, and almond butter. Then, all you need to do are:

  • Slice the banana
  • Spread the almond butter on the toasted bread
  • Then topped with the sliced bananas on it

That’s it! Simple, right?

2. Avocado Egg Cups from Health

Foods to Help Lose Weight

Avocado is a great source of healthy fats. These healthy fats increase ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL) and decrease ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) which is lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke. Avocado is also rich in other nutrients such as vitamin, mineral, and fiber which help to keep us full for hours.

There are a lot of dishes that use avocado as the main dish. However, this egg stuffed avocado is the simplest recipe ever that you can try at home.

The ingredients you need to prepare are 4 eggs, 2 avocados, and salt and pepper to taste. The steps to make it are:

  • Preheat the microwave (oven) to 425˚
  • Cut the avocados into two longwise, don’t forget to take out the pit and scoop sufficiently out of the avocado to fit the egg
  • Place the avocados in a little preparing dish
  • Split an egg into every avocado half
  • Put in the microwave (oven) and bake it for 15 minutes
  • Remove from the oven, then sprinkle the salt and pepper to taste

For more healthy recipes with avocados as the base, you can check this link!

3. Fresh Fruit Salad from Carolyn Casner

oods to Help Lose Weight

Fruit salad is the basic foods to help you lose weight. Salad made of fresh fruit is perfect for your side dish or even dessert. In Carolyn Casner’s fruit salad recipe, she used 2 cups pineapple, 1 pound strawberries, and 4 ripe kiwis for the fruits. Do not forget 1 cup of lime yogurt for the dressing.

This fruit salad is easy to make as you all have to do are:

  • Dice the pineapple
  • Hull and slice the strawberries
  • Peel, halve and slice the kiwis
  • Mix them well with yogurt

For fruit salad, you can choose other fruits which are rich in fiber such as blueberry. You can also use another yogurt, such as Greek Yogurt with plain flavor.

4. Infused Water

Foods to Help Lose Weight

More than half of our body consists of water. Hence, our body needs a lot of water. Unfortunately, not all people like drinking water with reasons. They prefer unhealthy drink such as soda and ice tea with added sugar, or drink with the taste which is not good for our body if it consumed daily.

To cover it up, there is water with taste, and healthy called infused water or detox water. This water is up to its name as it can remove toxins from our body. Infused water is also good for our body shape as it burns our body fat. Therefore, it is a good drink for your daily life.

It is really easy to make infused water as it is made from drink water with sliced fruits in it. You can choose your favorite fruits for your infused water. However, here are recommended fruits for your infused water:

  • The combination of strawberry and cucumber
  • The mixture of strawberry and pineapple
  • The combination of green tea, lime, and mint
  • The combination of lemon, cucumber, orange, lime, and mint
  • The mixture of grapefruit, lemon, lime, cucumber, and mint
  • The combination of mango and ginger

You can add a little bit of honey to your infused water for sweet taste.

These 4 recipes are based on healthy foods to help you lose weight. These recipes are easy to cook, and it will not take long to make them. Burn your fat easily and fast!

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