flourless chocolate cake

5 Simple Tips to Make Delicious Flourless Chocolate Cake

These days, people are getting more aware of the importance of healthy dietary habit. It is widely known that flour is not the best choice for those who are highly conscious of their health. However, many people still want to eat cake, although it may contain flour. Therefore, some have tried to develop recipes on how to make a delicious flourless chocolate cake.  If you are one of them, here are 5 simple tips for you to serve a tasty flourless chocolate cake.

1. Apply a trusted recipe

flourless chocolate cake


At the beginning of the baking process, it is very important to have a good recipe to make sure that you get the best flour-free chocolate cake. Nowadays, it is very easy to find any cooking recipe. A good recipe can be found from various resources such as magazine, television, social media, the internet, or directly from the professionals.

You should make sure that you get one trusted recipe because there are many recipes on the internet that have not been proved to be good. Also, having a trusted recipe will allow you to prepare all your needs, such as the available ingredients and the proper baking tools. Finding out a good recipe is the best first step to make a delicious flourless chocolate cake.

2. Preheat the oven and put the mixture straight into the oven once made

flourless chocolate cake


Never forget to preheat the oven that will be used to bake the cake. If it’s not heated properly before, some parts of the chocolate cake cannot be baked well. For most cases, some chocolate cakes are found to be wet in the middle (means uncooked) and dry on the edge. It is also often found that the colour of the cake is uneven. Preheating the oven will allow the batter to be cooked properly.

It is important to keep in mind that the cake mixture should be put straightaway into the oven once it is made. Normally, the raising agent in the wet mixture will work immediately once they are combined. Letting the mixture to stay longer once blended is not a good idea as it will affect the shape as well the taste of the cake.

3. Ensure the proper temperature and the measurement of the ingredients

flourless chocolate cake


Before mixing the ingredients, always pay attention to their temperature. For example, eggs and fat are often recommended to be in room temperature. Otherwise, if they are taken straightaway from the fridge, the butter cannot “cream” well, and the cold eggs may curdle the batter.

The measurements, as well as the ingredients instructed in the recipe, should be applied precisely. Adding some more ingredients beyond the instruction in the recipe will cause the cake to taste less tasty. Also, it is important to consistently use the same measurement tool for a ingredient, such as using teaspoon and tablespoon in a different time to measure the powder to mix in the batter.

4. Position the cake in the oven while keeping the door closed

flourless chocolate cake


Ensuring the best position of the cake in the oven affects its taste. The best place is in the middle part of the shelf to make sure it cooks evenly. After the cake is put into the oven, keep the door closed until the cake is cooked. Make sure to prevent the cold air to flow into the oven since it can make the cake collapse.

Don’t leave the oven while it is working. Always keep an eye to avoid the chocolate cake overcooked. Even though the timer on the oven can be adjusted, it is not always accurate. The chocolate cake can be fully cooked a few minutes before or after the specified time.

5. Be consistent with the cooking time

flourless chocolate cake


Following the instruction in the recipe regarding the cooking time is crucial to make the chocolate cake tasty. Therefore, make sure to use a good tin and a high-quality oven. It is highly recommended to check the cake before the baking process ends because different ovens often have different time accuracy.

The common time of baking a chocolate cake is between 25 to 45 minutes. After reaching the instructed time, check the cake by pressing all its parts. The chocolate cake is considered well-cooked if all parts are solid. Most of the case, the cake has turned brown, but it is still not properly cooked.


A flourless chocolate cake does not always mean a less delicious chocolate cake. As long as you understand the tips to bake and serve it, you can easily make it. With 5 simple tips mentioned above, you don’t need to worry too much about your diet. Now, everybody can enjoy the chocolate cake without harming their health.

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