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Homemade Ice cream Cake with Oreos

Want to combine two best things in the world? Try making ice cream cake at home. While you can order it from the store, making it yourself gives you the freedom to experiment with ingredients. Oreos are popular cookies to mix into ice cream desserts. They are cheap, have a unique flavor, and easy to incorporate with various ingredients.

Is Ice Cream Cake a “Real Cake?”

ice cream cake

Many people think that ice cream cake is just ice cream shaped like a cake. However, it still has cake element. The root of this dessert is “bombes”, a Victorian-era dessert that consisted of ice cream, fruit, and biscuit layers. The version that we know now is more popular in North America than Europe, especially as party food.

The best thing about ice cream cake is the many options. You can use any cake base you like, such as devil’s food cake, rainbow cake, lemon cake, or even regular vanilla one. You are also free to mix the ice cream flavor.

In this recipe, our goal is to create the ultimate Oreo experience in the cake. You will use the cookies and butter to make the “cake base.” Alternating between a cookie, ice cream, hot fudge, and cool whip will create delicious Oreo ice cream cake.

How to Make Oreo Ice Cream Cake

ice cream cake

You will need repeated freezing in the making of this ice cream cake. Make sure to have a working fridge.


1 package of classic Oreos

1 gallon of cookies and cream-flavoured ice cream

¼ block of butter

1 jar (16 oz) of hot fudge

1 jar (8 oz) of whipped cream

This recipe will result in 15 servings of ice cream cake.


  1. Crush all the cookies into crumbles. Save ½ cup of the cookie crumbles.
  2. Soften the ice cream with a mixer, but don’t turn it into liquid.
  3. Melt the butter. Mix it with most of the cookie crumbles. Spread the mixture on the base of the container until covered.
  4. Cover the cookie crumble base with softened ice cream until it forms a thick layer. Freeze for two hours.
  5. Warm the fudge. Take out the ice cream and spread fudge on its surface. Freeze for one hour.
  6. Take out the ice cream. Spread whipped cream and sprinkle the half cup of cookie crumbles.
  7. Freeze for the last time (two hours).
  8. Take out the ice cream five minutes before you are serving it.

You can replace the ice cream with other suitable flavors, such as mint chocolate chip or cookie dough.

Can You Use Box Cake Mix?

ice cream cake

Of course! Ice cream cake is a good recipe to “improve” the flavor of box cake mix, which is usually quite standard. Just follow the instructions before placing the ice cream on top. Use a cake pan to create a high ice cream layer. Freeze it for two hours before serving (the ice cream should be thicker than the cake layer).

Here are several good combinations to try:

  • Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

This classic combination is never wrong. To spice it up, drizzle with vanilla sauce or chocolate fudge. Decorate with sugar sprinkles.

  • Dark chocolate cake with cherry ice cream

This flavor combination has a more “adult” taste. Dark chocolate and cherry are perfect for a more mature celebration. Decorate with maraschino cherries.

  • Vanilla cake with chocolate chip cookie dough

Vanilla cake is the staple flavor for a box cake mix. Make it more interesting with chocolate chip cookie dough. Add whipped cream for more decadent texture and flavor.

  • Red velvet cake with blueberry cheesecake ice cream

Cream cheese is a common frosting flavor for red velvet cake. Create a twist by using red velvet base and blueberry cheesecake ice cream. Add cheesecake bits as toppings.

You can experiment with any favorite flavors. Try seasonal flavors such as cinnamon buns or pumpkin during holidays. You can also make a cake with more layers. The key is to freeze it for two hours after pairing one layer of ice cream with non-ice cream.

Ice Cream Cake Serving Tips

ice cream cake

The key to successful serving is timing. You want the cake to be soft enough to cut, but not melting everywhere. If you serve the cake immediately, the cake will be too hard to cut. Serve too late, and you will end up with a sweet blob on a cake base.

Before serving, thaw the cake in just enough time. Place it outside the fridge for 15 minutes. If you prefer to keep it in the fridge, move it from the freezer to the middle. The thawing process takes 30 minutes, but your cake will stay cold.

Finally, use a serrated knife to cut through the cake. Dip the knife into a bowl of warm water before slicing. Prepare a bowl of warm water next to you when slicing for many people. When necessary, dip the blade there.


Ice cream cake is a great party food, but you can make it for family dessert or weekend snacking. While Oreo is a favorite flavor, feel free to experiment with other good options. Enjoy a slice of goodness with homemade ice cream dessert.

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