Gingerbread Cookies

9 Tips about Making Chewy and Crunchy Gingerbread Cookies

Baking cookies are always such a fun activity to do especially with your family. If you plan to bake cookies in this upcoming weekend, then try to bake delicious and crunchy gingerbread cookies.

These cookies use ginger as the main ingredient, and the perfect crispy edges with a ginger kick will warm your weekend with your family. Read these 9 tips if you want to have perfect crunchy gingerbread cookies to munch this weekend.

1. Chill the Dough before Rolling it Out

Gingerbread Cookies

The first tip to make crunchy ginger cookies is you need to chill the dough in the refrigerator for about an hour or more before rolling it. The purpose of chilling the dough is to evaporate the water from the dough so you will get a firm dough.

If you use a firm dough, it is easier to shape the cookies. Also, chilling the dough will give you high sugar content so the cookies will be chewy and crunchy.

2. Add and Substitute the Ingredients

Gingerbread Cookies

Another tip to follow is to add and substitute the ingredients for making gingerbread cookies. If you want to make these cookies healthier and crunchier, you can add molasses and spices like ginger, cinnamon, and cloves.

You can also substitute all-purpose flour with the whole wheat flour. Besides they are healthy ingredients, spices can create the flavor of the flour without changing the result. The flavor of molasses will enable you to cut back on butter easily.

Another ingredient you can substitute is butter. You can substitute butter with a few drops of canola oil. This oil can give mild flavor and reduce saturated fat.

3. Don’t Roll the Dough Over

Gingerbread Cookies

Another tip to make the chewy, firm, and crunchy gingerbread cookies are not to roll the dough over. When you bake these cookies, the right textures for these cookies are tender and crunchy, not tough.

If you find your cookies tough to eat, it means you roll the dough over or overmix the ingredients. Avoid tough cookies by putting the white vinegar. The acid from white vinegar will tenderize the dough without changing the taste.

4. Map out the Cookie Cut

Gingerbread Cookies

After working well with the dough, you need to map out the cookie with cookie cutters. Making gingerbread cookies can be confusing especially when you want to have the right cookie cut to optimize the space. It is suggested to figure out how and where you will place your cookie cutters.

Make sure your cookie cutters can optimize the space. Put the cutters close together. Also, choose a smaller cookie cutter for small spaces or the edges of the dough. Smaller cookie cutters can cut back on the extra dough.

5. Bake the Cookie in the Right Heat

Gingerbread Cookies

The next tip is to bake the cookie in the right heat so you can make gingerbread cookies crunchy and chewy at the same time. Baking cookies in a short time will make the cookies chewy and tender. Take the cookies out when you find the centers and the edges of the cookies turn golden brown. Your cookies will be chewy and crunchy to munch. The recommended heat for baking these cookies is 325-350 degrees Fahrenheit or 163-177 degrees Celsius.

6. Cool the Cookies Completely without Leaving them Out

Gingerbread Cookies

The next tip to do is you need to cool the cookies on the baking sheet after taking the cookies from the oven. Once the cookies cool down to the room temperature completely, you need to store them in a container. Before you cover the container, leave the cookies to dry out. Later, you may cover the container.

7. Decorate the Cookies after They Completely Reach Temperature Room

Gingerbread Cookies

To make the cookies appealing, you can decorate gingerbread cookies. You can decorate the cookies in many ways, such as royal icing, candies, sprinkling sugar, rubber stamps, sugar, and sprinkles. These attractive cookies will be a perfect companion during your tea time with your family.

8. Keep the Gingerbread Cookies Fresh

Gingerbread Cookies

Another tip is to keep gingerbread cookies fresh. You can keep your cookies in an airtight container. The purpose is to avoid the cookies from being sluggish, so you can still taste and eat crunchy cookies whenever you want to eat it.

9. Freeze the Cookie Dough

Gingerbread Cookies

The last tip you can try is to freeze the cookie dough. When you make gingerbread cookies, separate the cookie dough that you want to bake and keep it in the refrigerator. You can take the dough from the refrigerator if you want to eat warm and fresh crunchy cookies. Make sure you store the dough in plastic-wrapped. You can freeze the dough for about a month.

In conclusion, these 9 tips will help you to make crunchy gingerbread cookies. You can serve and enjoy these cookies with your family.

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