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Keurig coffee machines provide you with the most delicious coffees in the quickest time possible and now that you are satisfied with your Keurig coffee maker, time to broaden your coffee machine’s flavor capabilities. Keurig coffee makers use K-cups for the desired flavor and come in numerous flavors for you to choose from. But choosing a K-cup flavor can be a difficult choice so we have made a list of tops 10 flavors which are popular among the majority of people.

Once you start using these K-cups, you will understand why these are preferred by majority of people.

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Decaf

k cups

One of the most popular decaf coffee blend by Green Mountain, this K-cup flavor provides you with a light and sweet blend which is perfectly balanced and smooth.

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend

k cups

One of the most popular flavor by Green Mountain, this is a light roast coffee which provides you with medium acidity and a bright, vibrant taste. This blend is perfect for starting your day fresh and energized. These go pretty well if you’re using a home espresso machine, if you’re still looking for one then Freshpresso has a pretty neat buyer’s guide on it.

Green Mountain Nantucket Blend

k cups

This medium roast coffee blend gives you a chocolaty aroma and a balanced sweetness and is a perfect combination with chocolate chip cookies and brownies.

Green Mountain Hazelnut Coffee

k cups

This K-cup flavor is a light roasted coffee which provides you with the buttery and sweet flavors of hazelnut in combination with warm roasted nuts.

Green Mountain Dark Magic Extra Bold

k cups

Offering you with a dark and intense coffee flavor which is designed to give you a sweet but intense espresso. This dark roasted coffee offers you a rich aroma and high quality flavored espresso and is perfect with cream and milk as its complexity gets equalized by their sweetness.

The Original Donut Shop Coffee

k cups

This medium roast coffee provides you with a fresh, bold and flavorful coffee which is a little bolder than other flavors. This coffee contains the highest amount of Arabian beans and acts like a perfect combination with a donut.

Barista Prima Italian Roast

k cups

This deeply, dark roasted coffee is perfect for those coffee lovers who like their coffee rich and dark without any bitterness due to burnt roast. With its ripe fruit, berry finish, and bold taste, it gives you a perfect blend of smokiness and sweetness. A true art of dark roasting, this k-cup flavor can also be paired with many indulging desserts.

Folgers Classic Roast

k cups

This newly released, medium roast coffee gives you a rich, full-body flavor and a unique eye-opening aroma which makes it one of the top flavors for early morning breakfast coffee.

Green Mountain Double Black Diamond

k cups

This full-bodied coffee with a dark and toasty flavor is darker than other flavored K-cups and is a favorite of those people who like a hint of adrenaline every now and then. It is one of the darkest flavor available in the k-cup flavors to give you that extra kick which is needed every now and then.

Newman’s Special Blend Extra Bold

k cups

This is a blend of medium roast and dark roast coffee which provide you with a bold and strong taste while being smooth and refined. It works well with both cream and sugar and provides you with a consistently great cup of coffee every time.

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