Easy Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla Maple Icing

Crisp fall weather, warm cozy sweaters and cinnamon rolls just seem to go hand in hand. It’s like the perfect day. All I need is a hot mug of fresh coffee and I can kick back and close my eyes in bliss.

The rolls themselves require almost no kneading AND no yeast. Don’t get me wrong..I love a good yeasted bread. In fact, I find it so soothing to knead but seriously sometimes you just want rolls that are easy, fast and ready to roll in minutes. (Get it, ready to ROLL..?! aahh ok..lame)

I used spelled flour for these to not only give them a kick in the nutrition department but also just because I love the more nutty taste of spelled.* These are a bit denser but I like that in the cooler days. They just have more of a hearty texture that pairs so well against the light crisp apples. It’s almost like a little pie all rolled up. Except with none of the crazy amounts of sugar.

(*Does anyone else think of Austin Powers when you hear the word, “nutty”, or is that just me?)

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