Barbecue Steak Recipe

It can be a little scary the first time that people barbecue. Steak prices are very high, and choosing a good piece of meat is not quite as simple as picking any package up at the meat counter in the store. Care must be taken in all stages of preparation for a delicious barbecue steak to arrive at the finished product of your culinary endeavor.

How to choose a good piece of meat:

When shopping for a good piece of meat at the grocery store, find a package that is a nice bright shade of red completely across the meat. Stay away from meats that are beginning to dim in color on the edges because this color shade changing indicates that the meat has been exposed to air for some time, indicating that the package may have been on the shelf for some time. Freshly cut meat is the best to use for a good barbecue steak.


After finding a package of meat that is the right shade of bright red, feel the package for moisture content. In some areas, grocery stores are allowed to add water or preservative to the meat in order to keep it fresh. This extra moisture will cook out of the barbecue steak while it is on the grill and there is no reason to pay extra for that part of the meat package weight. A good steak to barbecue is red, slightly juicy, and very firm to the touch.

How to barbecue steak:

Grill the meat about 3” above the coals or heat; meat that is cooked too quickly will dry out as it is cooking. Salt acts as a sponge that takes all of the juice away from a barbecue steak as it is cooking. If salt must be used, put the salt on after the steak is finished on the grill. For a medium cooked steak that is no longer pink in the middle, cook from 8 to 10 minutes per side for a juicy and flavorful barbecue steak

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